AxKit::XSP::CharsetConv - AxKit XSP taglib for charset conversion


AxKit::XSP::CharsetConv - AxKit XSP taglib for charset conversion


Add the CharsetConv namespace to your XSP <xsp:page> tag:


And add the taglib to AxKit (via httpd.conf or .htaccess):

  AxAddXSPTaglib AxKit::XSP::CharsetConv


The XSP CharsetConv taglib implements character set conversion as implemented in iconv(), through the Apache::AxKit::CharsetConv module that comes with your standard AxKit install. You may wish to use it to convert data from misc. sources (databases, files, browser posts, the environment, etc...) that are not UTF-8 yet need to be included in the output of your XSP.

Tag Reference

There is only one tag provided by this taglib: charset-convert. It has two mandatory attributes, from and to, which are the character codes to convert (surprise) from and to.

The to attribute defaults to UTF-8, which usually makes sense. The from attribute on the other hand defaults to ISO-8859-1. While this default is very eurocentric, it would have been an arbitrary choice no matter what my choice would have been... so I picked the one that's most useful to me :-)


Robin Berjon,


Copyright (c) 2001 Robin Berjon. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

 AxKit::XSP::CharsetConv - AxKit XSP taglib for charset conversion