CPANPLUS::Shell::Tk - Frontend for CPANPLUS using Tk


CPANPLUS::Shell::Tk - Frontend for CPANPLUS using Tk


To use CPANPLUS with the Tk GUI do:

perl -MCPANPLUS -e 'shell(Tk)'


This is very early beta!

It may not do what you want it to do and it may break your CPANPLUS configuration.

Use it accordingly!


The GUI is divided into three parts:

Infowindow on top
The Infowindow shows the current Perl version. It may show other interesting info in future.

Modulelist on the left
In the left window there are three tabs that show a search dialog with result, a list of installed modules and a list of modules in need of an update.

The window on the right shows different things depending on what you are doing at the moment.

It shows basic information on the module when you select one in the list to the left.

It shows the POD for the module when you select this from the right-click popup menu in the list.

It shows the command history with editing facility when selected from the menu.

And it show this POD when you select 'Help' from the Help menu.



You can search for a module or for an author. Select which type of search you want to do in the dropdown listbox.

Your search is always case sensitive but you can use perl regexen as search value.

Working with Modules

When you click on the modules in the listbox on the left you get basic information on the selected module.

When you right click on the module you get a popup menu which lets you do the following:

Install the newest version of this module from CPAN.

Remove the module from your disk.

Fetch the module from CPAN but do nothing else.

Fetch the module if necessary and extract it in your .cpanplus directory.

Fetch the module if necessary, extract and build it in your .cpanplus directory.

Display the POD of the module if it is installed.

Changing the Configuration

Via the Config menu you can change the configuration of CPANPLUS.

Change CPANPLUS config like default shell, debug level and so on.

Package sources
Edit the list of package sources.


You can view the entire Perl configuration using 'show full config'.

You can restart CPANPLUS::Shell::Tk with another Perl version installed on your disk.

Currently this only works for *NIX like environments and even here it might not pick the right perl binaries.


Every command you execute on a module will be logged in a history.

You can edit and save that history to a file.

That file can be used to perform automatic installation with CPANPLUS::Shell::Batch (not yet released :-).


Bernd Dulfer <>


(C) Bernd Dulfer

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


In no particular order.

More documentation!
Cleanup the dialogs.
Configure LWP.
Configuration of this module (windowsize and position, ...).
Restart with new perl platform independent.
Move up/down entries in package sources

 CPANPLUS::Shell::Tk - Frontend for CPANPLUS using Tk