DBIx::HTMLView - For handling DBI relation databases and web interfaces


  DBIx::HTMLView - For handling DBI relation databases and web interfaces


use DBIx::HTMLView; my $dbi=DB(``DBI:mSQL:HTMLViewTester:localhost'', ``'', ``'', Table ('Test', Id('id'), Str('testf')), Table('Test2', Id('id'), Str('str'), Int('nr')) );


HTMLView is a set of modules to handle relational SQL databases through a DBI interface and create web user interfaces to them. Among its features are the posibility to handle relations in the same manner as fields and it is easily extended with additional field or relation specifications as well as custom editors and viewers.

For a general overview description of the system see the README file, for a quick start see the test.pl script. It conatins instructions on how to set up a simple test database and then it preforms all the basic opperations in a comented manner. There is also a tutorial (not yet written) describing the basics of relation databases and how to build web interfaces to them using HTMLView. Finaly there is a man page for every package describing it's methods and functionality.

This package contains shourtcuts for the constructors of some of the basic objects under DBIx::HTMLView that are used to created the database description structure. This structure describes all the tables in the database and its fields, and is then used as an interface to the database and the tables.

For a description of parameters to the separate functions see the diffrent packages man pages, eg DB is actualy the new method of DBIx::HTMLView::DB. Curently we have shourtcuts for the following objects:


For backwards compatibility there is also a DB method calling msqlDB.


package DBIx::HTMLView; use strict; use vars qw(@ISA $VERSION @EXPORT);


require Exporter; require DBIx::HTMLView::DB; require DBIx::HTMLView::mysqlDB; require DBIx::HTMLView::msqlDB; require DBIx::HTMLView::Table; require DBIx::HTMLView::Int; require DBIx::HTMLView::Str; require DBIx::HTMLView::Date; require DBIx::HTMLView::Bool; require DBIx::HTMLView::Text; require DBIx::HTMLView::Id; require DBIx::HTMLView::N2N; require DBIx::HTMLView::N2One; require DBIx::HTMLView::Tree;

@ISA = qw(Exporter); @EXPORT = qw(DB mysqlDB msqlDB Table Str Bool Text Id N2N Int N2One Date Tree);

sub DB { msqlDB(@_) # For backwards compatibility }

sub mysqlDB { DBIx::HTMLView::mysqlDB->new(@_); }

sub msqlDB { DBIx::HTMLView::msqlDB->new(@_); }

sub Table { DBIx::HTMLView::Table->new(@_); }

sub Int { DBIx::HTMLView::Int->new(@_); }

sub Str { DBIx::HTMLView::Str->new(@_); }

sub Date { DBIx::HTMLView::Date->new(@_); }

sub Bool { DBIx::HTMLView::Bool->new(@_); }

sub Text { DBIx::HTMLView::Text->new(@_); }

sub Id { DBIx::HTMLView::Id->new(@_); }

sub N2N { DBIx::HTMLView::N2N->new(@_); }

sub N2One { DBIx::HTMLView::N2One->new(@_); }

sub Tree { DBIx::HTMLView::Tree->new(@_); }


# Local Variables: # mode: perl # tab-width: 8 # perl-indent-level: 2 # End:

 DBIx::HTMLView - For handling DBI relation databases and web interfaces