Returns the name of the to table.


Returns the DBIx::HTMLView::Table object representing the to table.

$fld->view_fmt_edit_html($postfmt_name, $postfmt)

Used by the default edit_html fmt. It will returns a string containing ``<input type=radio ...>'' constructs to allow the user to specify which post (chunk in the tree) we should be related to. All posts in the to table (tree) will be listed here in a hierarchically list showing the tree structure and viewed with view_fmt($postfmt_name,$postfmt).

$postfmt_name will default to 'view_html'. If $postfmt isn't defined some decent default is tried to be derived from the 'view' fmt or if that's not defined, the default fmt.

The $postfmt should contain a <Var Edit> tag that will be raplaced by the radio button.

$fld->view_fmt($fmt_name, $fmt)

Will call view_fmt($fmt_name, $fmt) on the post this relation is pointing to and return the result, se DBIx::HTMLView::Post for info on the $fmt format.

If $fmt is not defined the fmt parameter named $fmt_name specified in the $data parameter to the constructor will be used as fmt string.

If the fmt string starts with ``<InRel>'', the rest of the fmt will be handled by this method instead of calling the PostSet version. Current the only supported construct here is <perl>...</perl> which will be replaced by the returnvalue of eval(...).