DateTime::Locale::Alias::ISO639_2 - Adds ISO 639 2 language locale id aliases


DateTime::Locale::Alias::ISO639_2 - Adds ISO 639 2 language locale id aliases


  use DateTime::Locale;
  use DateTime::Locale::Alias::ISO639_2;
  my $loc = DateTime::Locale->load('eng_US');


Adds the following ISO 639 2 language locale aliases:

 Alias               Maps to
 afr                 af
 afr_ZA              af_ZA
 alb                 sq
 alb_AL              sq_AL
 amh                 am
 amh_ET              am_ET
 ara                 ar
 ara_AE              ar_AE
 ara_BH              ar_BH
 ara_DZ              ar_DZ
 ara_EG              ar_EG
 ara_IN              ar_IN
 ara_IQ              ar_IQ
 ara_JO              ar_JO
 ara_KW              ar_KW
 ara_LB              ar_LB
 ara_LY              ar_LY
 ara_MA              ar_MA
 ara_OM              ar_OM
 ara_QA              ar_QA
 ara_SA              ar_SA
 ara_SD              ar_SD
 ara_SY              ar_SY
 ara_TN              ar_TN
 ara_YE              ar_YE
 arm                 hy
 arm_AM              hy_AM
 aze                 az
 aze_AZ              az_AZ
 baq                 eu
 baq_ES              eu_ES
 baq_ES_PREEURO      eu_ES
 bel                 be
 bel_BY              be_BY
 ben                 bn
 ben_IN              bn_IN
 bul                 bg
 bul_BG              bg_BG
 cat                 ca
 cat_ES              ca_ES
 cat_ES_PREEURO      ca_ES
 ces                 cs
 ces_CZ              cs_CZ
 chi                 zh
 chi_CN              zh_CN
 chi_HK              zh_HK
 chi_MO              zh_MO
 chi_SG              zh_SG
 chi_TW              zh_TW
 chi_TW_STROKE       zh_TW
 cor                 kw
 cor_GB              kw_GB
 cze                 cs
 cze_CZ              cs_CZ
 dan                 da
 dan_DK              da_DK
 deu                 de
 deu_AT              de_AT
 deu_AT_PREEURO      de_AT
 deu_BE              de_BE
 deu_CH              de_CH
 deu_DE              de_DE
 deu_DE_PREEURO      de_DE
 deu_LI              de_LI
 deu_LU              de_LU
 deu_LU_PREEURO      de_LU
 dut                 nl
 dut_BE              nl_BE
 dut_BE_PREEURO      nl_BE
 dut_NL              nl_NL
 dut_NL_PREEURO      nl_NL
 ell                 el
 ell_GR              el_GR
 ell_GR_PREEURO      el_GR
 eng                 en
 eng_AS              en_AS
 eng_AU              en_AU
 eng_BE              en_BE
 eng_BE_PREEURO      en_BE
 eng_BW              en_BW
 eng_BZ              en_BZ
 eng_CA              en_CA
 eng_GB              en_GB
 eng_GB_EURO         en_GB
 eng_GU              en_GU
 eng_HK              en_HK
 eng_IE              en_IE
 eng_IE_PREEURO      en_IE
 eng_IN              en_IN
 eng_JM              en_JM
 eng_MH              en_MH
 eng_MP              en_MP
 eng_MT              en_MT
 eng_NZ              en_NZ
 eng_PH              en_PH
 eng_SG              en_SG
 eng_TT              en_TT
 eng_UM              en_UM
 eng_US              en_US
 eng_US_POSIX        en_US_POSIX
 eng_VI              en_VI
 eng_ZA              en_ZA
 eng_ZW              en_ZW
 epo                 eo
 est                 et
 est_EE              et_EE
 eus                 eu
 eus_ES              eu_ES
 eus_ES_PREEURO      eu_ES
 fao                 fo
 fao_FO              fo_FO
 fas                 fa
 fas_IR              fa_IR
 fin                 fi
 fin_FI              fi_FI
 fin_FI_PREEURO      fi_FI
 fra                 fr
 fra_BE              fr_BE
 fra_BE_PREEURO      fr_BE
 fra_CA              fr_CA
 fra_CH              fr_CH
 fra_FR              fr_FR
 fra_FR_PREEURO      fr_FR
 fra_LU              fr_LU
 fra_LU_PREEURO      fr_LU
 fra_MC              fr_MC
 fre                 fr
 fre_BE              fr_BE
 fre_BE_PREEURO      fr_BE
 fre_CA              fr_CA
 fre_CH              fr_CH
 fre_FR              fr_FR
 fre_FR_PREEURO      fr_FR
 fre_LU              fr_LU
 fre_LU_PREEURO      fr_LU
 fre_MC              fr_MC
 geo                 ka
 geo_GE              ka_GE
 ger                 de
 ger_AT              de_AT
 ger_AT_PREEURO      de_AT
 ger_BE              de_BE
 ger_CH              de_CH
 ger_DE              de_DE
 ger_DE_PREEURO      de_DE
 ger_LI              de_LI
 ger_LU              de_LU
 ger_LU_PREEURO      de_LU
 gle                 ga
 gle_IE              ga_IE
 gle_IE_PREEURO      ga_IE
 glg                 gl
 glg_ES              gl_ES
 glg_ES_PREEURO      gl_ES
 glv                 gv
 glv_GB              gv_GB
 gre                 el
 gre_GR              el_GR
 gre_GR_PREEURO      el_GR
 guj                 gu
 guj_IN              gu_IN
 heb                 he
 heb_IL              he_IL
 hin                 hi
 hin_IN              hi_IN
 hrv                 hr
 hrv_HR              hr_HR
 hun                 hu
 hun_HU              hu_HU
 hye                 hy
 hye_AM              hy_AM
 ice                 is
 ice_IS              is_IS
 ind                 id
 ind_ID              id_ID
 isl                 is
 isl_IS              is_IS
 ita                 it
 ita_CH              it_CH
 ita_IT              it_IT
 ita_IT_PREEURO      it_IT
 jpn                 ja
 jpn_JP              ja_JP
 kal                 kl
 kal_GL              kl_GL
 kan                 kn
 kan_IN              kn_IN
 kat                 ka
 kat_GE              ka_GE
 kaz                 kk
 kaz_KZ              kk_KZ
 kir                 ky
 kir_KG              ky_KG
 kor                 ko
 kor_KR              ko_KR
 lav                 lv
 lav_LV              lv_LV
 lit                 lt
 lit_LT              lt_LT
 mac                 mk
 mac_MK              mk_MK
 mar                 mr
 mar_IN              mr_IN
 may                 ms
 may_BN              ms_BN
 may_MY              ms_MY
 mkd                 mk
 mkd_MK              mk_MK
 mlt                 mt
 mlt_MT              mt_MT
 mon                 mn
 mon_MN              mn_MN
 msa                 ms
 msa_BN              ms_BN
 msa_MY              ms_MY
 nld                 nl
 nld_BE              nl_BE
 nld_BE_PREEURO      nl_BE
 nld_NL              nl_NL
 nld_NL_PREEURO      nl_NL
 nno                 nn
 nno_NO              nn_NO
 nob                 nb
 nob_NO              nb_NO
 nor                 no
 nor_NO              no_NO
 nor_NO_NY           no_NO_NY
 orm                 om
 orm_ET              om_ET
 orm_KE              om_KE
 pan                 pa
 pan_IN              pa_IN
 per                 fa
 per_IR              fa_IR
 pol                 pl
 pol_PL              pl_PL
 por                 pt
 por_BR              pt_BR
 por_PT              pt_PT
 por_PT_PREEURO      pt_PT
 ron                 ro
 ron_RO              ro_RO
 rum                 ro
 rum_RO              ro_RO
 rus                 ru
 rus_RU              ru_RU
 rus_UA              ru_UA
 san                 sa
 san_IN              sa_IN
 scc                 sr
 scc_YU              sr_YU
 scr                 hr
 scr_HR              hr_HR
 slk                 sk
 slk_SK              sk_SK
 slo                 sk
 slo_SK              sk_SK
 slv                 sl
 slv_SI              sl_SI
 som                 so
 som_DJ              so_DJ
 som_ET              so_ET
 som_KE              so_KE
 som_SO              so_SO
 spa                 es
 spa_AR              es_AR
 spa_BO              es_BO
 spa_CL              es_CL
 spa_CO              es_CO
 spa_CR              es_CR
 spa_DO              es_DO
 spa_EC              es_EC
 spa_ES              es_ES
 spa_ES_PREEURO      es_ES
 spa_GT              es_GT
 spa_HN              es_HN
 spa_MX              es_MX
 spa_NI              es_NI
 spa_PA              es_PA
 spa_PE              es_PE
 spa_PR              es_PR
 spa_PY              es_PY
 spa_SV              es_SV
 spa_US              es_US
 spa_UY              es_UY
 spa_VE              es_VE
 sqi                 sq
 sqi_AL              sq_AL
 srp                 sr
 srp_YU              sr_YU
 swa                 sw
 swa_KE              sw_KE
 swa_TZ              sw_TZ
 swe                 sv
 swe_FI              sv_FI
 swe_SE              sv_SE
 tam                 ta
 tam_IN              ta_IN
 tat                 tt
 tat_RU              tt_RU
 tel                 te
 tel_IN              te_IN
 tha                 th
 tha_TH              th_TH
 tur                 tr
 tur_TR              tr_TR
 ukr                 uk
 ukr_UA              uk_UA
 urd                 ur
 urd_PK              ur_PK
 uzb                 uz
 uzb_UZ              uz_UZ
 vie                 vi
 vie_VN              vi_VN
 zho                 zh
 zho_CN              zh_CN
 zho_HK              zh_HK
 zho_MO              zh_MO
 zho_SG              zh_SG
 zho_TW              zh_TW
 zho_TW_STROKE       zh_TW

To enable this support, simply add:

 use DateTime::Locale::Alias::ISO639_2;

to your code - that's it.


Support for this module is provided via the email list. See for more details.


Richard Evans <>


Copyright (c) 2003 Richard Evans. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


the DateTime::Locale manpage

 DateTime::Locale::Alias::ISO639_2 - Adds ISO 639 2 language locale id aliases