HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI - version of HTTP::Server::Simple


HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI - version of HTTP::Server::Simple


HTTP::Server::Simple was already simple, but some smart-ass pointed out that there is no CGI in HTTP, and so this module was born to isolate the parts of this handler.


The accept_hook in this sub-class clears the environment to the start-up state.



This method sets up CGI environment variables based on various meta-headers, like the protocol, remote host name, request path, etc.

See the docs in the HTTP::Server::Simple manpage for more detail.

handle_request CGI

This routine is called whenever your server gets a request it can handle.

It's called with a CGI object that's been pre-initialized. You want to override this method in your subclass


Handler implemented as part of HTTP::Server::Simple API

 HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI - version of HTTP::Server::Simple