MIME::Decoder::Binary - perform no encoding/decoding


MIME::Decoder::Binary - perform no encoding/decoding


A generic decoder object; see the MIME::Decoder manpage for usage.


A MIME::Decoder subclass for the "binary" encoding (in other words, no encoding).

The "binary" decoder is a special case, since it's ill-advised to read the input line-by-line: after all, an uncompressed image file might conceivably have loooooooooong stretches of bytes without a "\n" among them, and we don't want to risk blowing out our core. So, we read-and-write fixed-size chunks.

Both the encoder and decoder do a simple pass-through of the data from input to output.


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$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2005/01/13 19:23:15 $

 MIME::Decoder::Binary - perform no encoding/decoding