MP3::Napster::User - Object-oriented access to Napster users


MP3::Napster::User - Object-oriented access to Napster users


  $user = $nap->whois('glimitz');
  print $user->name,"\n";
  print $user->sharing,"\n";
  print $user->link,"\n";
  print $user->link_code,"\n";
  print $user->server,"\n";
  print $user->current_channel,"\n";
  print join ' ',$user->channels,"\n";
  print $user->login_time,"\n";
  print $user->time,"\n";
  print $user->channels,"\n";
  print $user->uploads,"\n";
  print $user->downloads,"\n";
  print $user->level,"\n";
  print $user->last_seen,"\n";
  print $user->profile,"\n";
  $user->ping || warn "$user is unreachable";
  $user->msg('Hello there!');


MP3::Napster::User provides object-oriented access to other users on the Napster service.


User objects are normally not constructed de novo, but are returned by the MPEG::Napster whois() and users() methods, as well as by several of the callbacks involving the Napster chat channels, specifically USER_JOINS and USER_DEPARTS.


Object methods provide access to various attributes of the User object, allow you to send private messages to users, to browse their files, and to ping them to determine if they are online.

The accessors provide read-only access to the following User attributes.
  Accessor                Description
  --------                -----------
  $user->name             User's (nick)name 
  $user->link             User's link speed as a string
  $user->link_code        User's link speed as a numeric code
  $user->sharing          Number of files user is sharing
  $user->current_channel  User's current channel
  $user->channels         List of channels that user is subscribed to
  $user->uploads          Number of uploads the user is currently performing
  $user->downloads        Number of downloads the user is currently performing
  $user->level            The user's "level", one of "User" or "Admin"
  $user->status           One of "Offline", "Active" or "Inactive"
  $user->last_seen        The time the user was last seen, in seconds since the epoch
  $user->time             The number of seconds that the user has been logged in
  $user->login_time       The same, in a nice human-readable form
  $user->client           The version of the user's Napster client
  $user->server           The MP3::Napster that this User is attached to

$result = $user->ping([$timeout])
The ping() method returns true if the user is reachable by a PING command. The default timeout for a positive response is defined by MP3::Napster, currently 5 seconds by default.

@songs = $user->browse
Browse the user's shared files, returning an array of MP3::Napster::Song objects.

Update the user's attributes from the most current versions on the server. Withoug calling update() the values are always those present when the object was first created.

Send a private message to the user.

$profile = $user->profile
Return a human readable profile like this one:
  Name:      OddBall187
  Status:    Active
  Sharing:   62
  Link:      CABLE
  Level:     User
  Time:      53.5 min
  Channels:  Themes,Alternative,Rap,Rock
  Uploads:   5
  Downloads: 1
  Client:    v2.0

String Overloading
If used in a string context, MPEG::Napster::User objects will invoke the name() method, allowing the objects to be directly interpolated into strings, printed, and pattern matched.


Lincoln Stein <>.


Copyright (c) 2000 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


the MP3::Napster manpage, the MP3::Napster::Song manpage, the MP3::Napster::Channel manpage, and the MPEG::Napster::Transfer manpage

 MP3::Napster::User - Object-oriented access to Napster users