Mail::Box::Index - Keep indexfiles on messages.


Mail::Box::Index - Keep indexfiles on messages.




Message-folders which store their data in one single file per message are very inefficient for producing subject overviews and detecting message-threads. The Mail::Box::Index is able to store and read a the headers of all messages in one file.

When Mail::Box::Index functionality is switched on (specify keep_index when opening a folder), the index-file is automatically read. When the folder is closed, a new index-file is created.

Special care is taken to avoid a problems when the user changed or removed message-files without updating the index. If the index is not trusted, it will not be used (and so cost performance to the reader of the folder).


new ARGS
You will not call this method yourself, unless you implement a folder yourself. The following options can be specified when you create a folder.
Returns the index-file for a folder. If the keep_index option was not used when the folder was read, this returns undef.

Write an index-file containing the specified messages, but only if the user requested it: the keep_index option of new() must have been specified.

Read the index-file if it exists and the user has specified keep_index with the constructor (new) of this folder. If that option is not specified, the readIndex does not know under what name the index is stored, and therefore not work.

The headers which are read are created into the specified HEADERCLASS, which may be different for each folder-type, but by default a MIME::Head.


Mark Overmeer ( All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


This code is beta, version 1.200

 Mail::Box::Index - Keep indexfiles on messages.