Maypole::Model::Base - Base class for model classes


Maypole::Model::Base - Base class for model classes


Anyone subclassing this for a different database abstraction mechanism needs to provide the following methods:


If there is an object in $r->objects, then it should be edited with the parameters in $r->params; otherwise, a new object should be created with those parameters, and put back into $r->objects. The template should be changed to view, or edit if there were any errors. A hash of errors will be passed to the template.


    $model->setup_database($config, $namespace, @data)

Uses the user-defined data in @data to specify a database- for example, by passing in a DSN. The model class should open the database, and create a class for each table in the database. These classes will then be adopted. It should also populate $config->{tables} and $config->{classes} with the names of the classes and tables respectively. The classes should be placed under the specified namespace. For instance, beer should be mapped to the class BeerDB::Beer.


    $model->class_of($r, $table)

This maps between a table name and its associated class.


This turns an ID into an object of the appropriate class.


This is called on an model class representing a table and allows the master model class to do any set-up required.


This can go either in the master model class or in the individual classes, and returns a list of has-many accessors. A brewery has many beers, so BeerDB::Brewery needs to return beers.


This is a list of all the columns in a table. You may also override display_columns, which is the list of columns you want to view, in the right order.


This is the name of the table.


The list method should fill $r-> objects with all of the objects in the class. You may want to page this using Data::Page or similar.

Also, see the exported commands in Maypole::Model::CDBI.

Other overrides

Additionally, individual derived model classes may want to override the following methods:


Return a hash mapping column names with human-readable equivalents.


A description of the class to be passed to the template.

 Maypole::Model::Base - Base class for model classes