Net::ICal::Freebusy -- Freebusy class


Net::ICal::Freebusy -- Freebusy class


Net::ICal::Freebusy represents a list of time when someone's free or busy. Freebusy elements can be used in three ways:


  use Net::ICal::Freebusy;
  my $p = new Net::ICal::Period("19970101T120000","19970101T123000");
  my $q = new Net::ICal::Period("19970101T124500","19970101T130000");
  # syntax which works now
  my $f = new Net::ICal::Freebusy(freebusy => [$p], 
                                  organizer => '');
  # FIXME, BUG 424144: 
  #  you should be able to say this, but it doesn't work now
  my $f = new Net::ICal::Freebusy(freebusy => [$p, $q], 
                                  organizer => '');


new (options_hash)

Creates a new Freebusy element. Arguments should be specified as elements in a hash.

When making a request for information about a user's free/busy time, arguments can be any of the following:

When responding to a request for free/busy information, the arguments mean different things:

When publishing information about busy time to other users, the parameters have the following meanings:


More documentation pointers can be found in the Net::ICal manpage.

 Net::ICal::Freebusy -- Freebusy class