C - Generator of event-oriented lexical analyzers


Parse::LexEvent - Generator of event-oriented lexical analyzers (1.00 ALPHA)


  use Parse::LexEvent;
  sub string {
    print $_[0]->name, ": $_[1]\n";
  sub comment {
    print $_[0]->name, ": $_[1]\n";
  sub remainder {
    print $_[0]->name, ": $_[1]\n";
  $lexer = Parse::LexEvent->new()->configure(
       From => \*DATA,
       Tokens =>
          Type => 'Simple', Name => 'ccomment', Handler => 'comment',
               Regex => '//.*\n',
          Type => 'Delimited', Name => 'comment', Handler => 'comment',
               Start => '/[*]', End => '[*]/',
          Type => 'Quoted', Name => 'squotes', Handler => 'string', Quote => qq!\'!,
          Type => 'Quoted', Name => 'dquotes', Handler => 'string', Quote => qq!\"!,
          Type => 'Simple', Name => 'remainder',
               Regex => '(?s:[^/\'\"]+)', ReadMore => 1,
    C comment
  // C++ comment
  var d = "string in double quotes";
  var s = 'string in single quotes';
  var i = 10;
  var y = 100;


Parse::LexEvent generates lexical analyzers in the fashion of Parse::Lex, but the generated analyzers emit an event at the finish of recognition of each token. This event corresponds to the call of a procedure whose name is that of the token. It is possible to give a different name to this procedure by making use of the Handler parameter when defining a token.

An application using Parse::LexEvent must define the required procedures. These procedures take the token object as first argument and the recognized character string as the second.

Parse::LexEvent inherits from Parse::ALex and possesses all the methods described in the documentation of the Parse::Lex class, except for the methods analyze(), every() next(), and nextis().


This method runs the analysis of data specified by from().


cparser.pl - This analyzer recognizes three types of structures: C ou C++ comments, strings within quotation marks, and the rest. It emits an event specific to each. You can use it, for example, to analyze C, C++ or Javascript programs.


Parse::Lex, Parse::Token.


Philippe Verdret.


Copyright (c) 1999 Philippe Verdret. All rights reserved. This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

 C - Generator of event-oriented lexical analyzers