AxPoint - An AxKit PDF Slideshow generator


AxPoint - An AxKit PDF Slideshow generator


  AxAddStyleMap application/x-axpoint Apache::AxKit::Language::AxPoint

  AxAddRootProcessor application/x-axpoint NULL slideshow


AxPoint allows you to create slideshows or presentations using an XML definition of the slideshow. The full documentation is in the XML::Handler::AxPoint manpage.

AxPoint when processed via AxKit defaults to producing the slides in ``Print mode'' - this removes all transitions from the slides. If you want to get a version with transitions it is recommended to use the command line tools shipped with XML::Handler::AxPoint. The reason for this decision is because the browser-embedded version of Adobe Acrobat does not seem to go full screen very well, if at all, so it is pretty much useless for giving live presentations over the web.


Matt Sergeant,

 AxPoint - An AxKit PDF Slideshow generator