Apache::AxKit::Plugin::Passthru - allow passthru=1 in querystring


Apache::AxKit::Plugin::Passthru - allow passthru=1 in querystring


  AxAddPlugin Apache::AxKit::Plugin::Passthru


This module allows AxKit to pass through raw XML without processing if the request contained the option passthru=1 in the querystring.

Simply by referencing your xml files as follows:


You will recieve the raw XML in myfile.xml, rather than it being pre-processed by AxKit.

This module is also an example of how this can be done, should you wish to build your own passthru type module that makes the decision to pass through based on some other parameter, such as the user agent in use.

A second function of this module is to allow the content-type of the requested file to be passed through unchanged. AxKit's default output content-type is ``text/html; charset=utf-8''. By enabling this plugin and requesting a file as:


Then the file's content type (as set by the Apache AddType option), will be used rather than any values set during the processing of the file.

 Apache::AxKit::Plugin::Passthru - allow passthru=1 in querystring