Bundle::Apache - Install Apache mod_perl and related modules


Bundle::Apache - Install Apache mod_perl and related modules


perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Apache'


MIME::Base64 - Used in authentication headers

Digest::MD5 - Needed to do Digest authentication

URI 0.10 - There are URIs everywhere

Net::FTP 2.00 - If you want ftp://-support

HTML::HeadParser - To get the correct $res->base

LWP - The reason why you need the modules above

Devel::Symdump - Symbol table browsing with Apache::Status

Data::Dumper - Used by Apache::PerlSections->dump

CGI - CGI.pm

Tie::IxHash - For order in <Perl> sections

Apache - Perl interface to Apache server API

Apache::DBI - Wrapper around DBI->connect to transparently maintain persistent connections

Apache::DB - Run the interactive Perl debugger under mod_perl

Apache::Stage - Management of document staging directories

Apache::Sandwich - Layered document maker

Apache::Request - Effective methods for dealing with client request data


This bundle contains modules used by Apache mod_perl.

Asking CPAN.pm to install a bundle means to install the bundle itself along with all the modules contained in the CONTENTS section above. Modules that are up to date are not installed, of course.


Doug MacEachern

 Bundle::Apache - Install Apache mod_perl and related modules