Coro::Channel - message queues


Coro::Channel - message queues


 use Coro::Channel;
 $q1 = new Coro::Channel <maxsize>;
 print $q1->get;
 die unless $q1->size;


A Coro::Channel is the equivalent of a pipe: you can put things into it on one end end read things out of it from the other hand. If the capacity of the Channel is maxed out writers will block. Both ends of a Channel can be read/written from as many coroutines as you want.

$q = new Coro:Channel $maxsize
Create a new channel with the given maximum size (unlimited if maxsize is omitted). Giving a size of one gives you a traditional channel, i.e. a queue that can store only a single element.

Put the given scalar into the queue.

Return the next element from the queue, waiting if necessary.

Return the number of elements waiting to be consumed. Please note that:
  if ($q->size) {
     my $data = $q->get;

is NOT a race condition but works fine.


 Marc Lehmann <>

 Coro::Channel - message queues