Net::DNS::FAQ - Frequently Asked Net::DNS Questions


Net::DNS::FAQ - Frequently Asked Net::DNS Questions


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This document serves to answer the most frequently asked questions on both the Net::DNS Mailing List and those sent to the author.

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What is Net::DNS?

Net::DNS is a perl implementation of a DNS resolver.


Where can I find Test::More?

Test::More is part of the Test-Simple packge, by Michael G Schwern. You should be able to find the distrubution here:


Why does Net::DNS::Resolver::query() return undef when the ANSWER section is empty?

The short answer is, don't use query(). Net::DNS::Resolver::send() will always return the answer packet, as long as an answer was received.

The longer answer is that query() is modeled after the res_query() function from the libresolv C library, which has similar behaviors.


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 Net::DNS::FAQ - Frequently Asked Net::DNS Questions