Prima::PS::Drawable - PostScript interface to Prima::Drawable


Prima::PS::Drawable - PostScript interface to Prima::Drawable


   use Prima;
   use Prima::PS::Drawable;
   my $x = Prima::PS::Drawable-> create( onSpool => sub {
      open F, ">> ./";
      print F $_[1];
      close F;
   $x-> begin_doc;
   $x-> font-> size( 30);
   $x-> text_out( "hello!", 100, 100);
   $x-> end_doc;


Realizes the Prima library interface to PostScript level 2 document language. The module is designed to be compliant with Prima::Drawable interface. All properties' behavior is as same as Prima::Drawable's, except those described below.

Can be set while object is in normal stage - cannot be changed if document is opened. Applies to fillPattern realization and general pixel-to-point and vice versa calculations

- ::region is not realized ( yet?)

Specific properties

amount of copies that PS interpreter should print

could be 0 or 1

physical page dimension, in points

non-printable page area, an array of 4 integers: left, bottom, right and top margins in points.

if 1, a 90 degrees rotated document layout is assumed

::rotate and ::scale
along with Prima::Drawable::translate provide PS-specific transformation matrix manipulations. ::rotate is number, measured in degrees, counter-clockwise. ::scale is array of two numbers, respectively x- and y-scale. 1 is 100%, 2 is 200% etc.

1 by default; optimizes greatly text operations, but takes the risk that a character could be drawn incorrectly or not drawn at all - this behavior depends on a particular PS interpreter.

If 1, the system fonts, available from Prima::Application interfaces can not be used. It is designed for developers and the outside-of-Prima applications that wish to use PS generation module without graphics. If 1, ::useDeviceFonts is set to 1 automatically.

Default value is 0

Internal routines

Can be called for direct PostScript code injection. Example:
  $x-> emit('0.314159 setgray');
  $x-> bar( 10, 10, 20, 20);

pixel2point and point2pixel
Helpers for transformation from pixel to points and vice versa.

fill and stroke
Wrappers for PS outline that is expected to be filled or stroked. Apply colors, line and fill styles if necessary.

Prima::PS::Drawable is not responsible for output of generated document, it just calls ::spool when document is closed through ::end_doc. By default just skips data. Prima::PS::Printer handles spooling logic.

 Prima::PS::Drawable - PostScript interface to Prima::Drawable