Template::Tutorial - Template Toolkit Tutorials


Template::Tutorial - Template Toolkit Tutorials


This section includes tutorials on using the Template Toolkit. Subjects currently include an general overview of the Template Toolkit, showing users how to get quickly up to speed building web content, and a tutorial on generating and using data files, with particular reference to XML.

Generating Web Content Using the Template Toolkit

This tutorial provides an introduction to the Template Toolkit and a ``quick start'' guide to getting up to speed. Its primarily focus is on using the Template Toolkit to build web content and it covers 4 basic areas: using tpage and ttree; using the Template.pm module in CGI scripts; writing Apache/mod_perl handlers; and extending the toolkit by writing plugins.

Creating Data Output Files Using the Template Toolkit

This tutorial gives an overview of the Template Toolkit, showing in particular how to use it to read and write data files in various different formats and styles. It was written by Dave Cross and first appeared as a lead article at http://www.perl.com/ earlier in the year (2001).


Andy Wardley <abw@andywardley.com>



Template Toolkit version 2.10, released on 24 July 2003.


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 Template::Tutorial - Template Toolkit Tutorials