mod_perl_cvs - Access to the mod_perl CVS development tree


mod_perl_cvs - Access to the mod_perl CVS development tree


The mod_perl development tree lives on This tree contains the latest mod_perl bug fixes and developments that have not made it to CPAN yet. Welcome to the bleeding edge.


Just as cvs access to the Apache development tree, the mod_perl code pulled from cvs is not guaranteed to do anything, especially not compile or work. But, that's exactly why we are using cvs, so everyone has access the latest version and can help see to it that mod_perl does compile and work on all platforms, with the various versions and configurations of Perl and Apache. Patches are always welcome, simply testing the latest snapshots is just as, if not more helpful.

It's recommended to subscribe to the list, which is the place cvs commit logs and diffs are mailed to; at least if you're going to work on the code.

Here are the several ways to access the cvs tree.

Cvsup has come out of the FreeBSD group. It's a client/server beast that offers an efficient way to sync collections of files over the net, and it is very CVS aware, allowing syncronisation of repositories or checked out files using the cvs deltas to bring the client side files up to date with minimal data transfer.

For a FreeBSD cvsup client see:

Others (SunOS, alpha.osf, linux, Solaris2.4, HPAA 10.2, irix)

Here's a config file for the client (cvsup) to sync modperl sources.

 *default tag=.
 # comment out the above if you want the raw cvs files
 *default prefix=/path/on/this/machine/to/install/
 # a subdir for modperl will appear here ^^^
 *default base=/path/on/this/machine/where/cvsup/will/keep/status/info
 # you'll never need to look in the 'base' dir.
 *default release=cvs delete use-rel-suffix compress
 #uncomment these two for the latest apache src and/or docs if you want them

To checkout a fresh copy from anoncvs use
 cvs -d "" login

with the password ``anoncvs''.

 cvs -d "" co modperl

For a basic introduction to anoncvs see

A snapshot is rolled of the modperl tree every 6 hours and placed here:

A snapshot of the Apache development tree is also rolled every 6 hours and placed here:



 mod_perl_cvs - Access to the mod_perl CVS development tree