PerlIO::encoding - encoding layer


PerlIO::encoding - encoding layer


  open($f, "<:encoding(foo)", "infoo");
  open($f, ">:encoding(bar)", "outbar");
  use Encode qw(:fallbacks);
  $PerlIO::encoding::fallback = FB_PERLQQ;


Open a filehandle with a transparent encoding filter.

On input, convert the bytes expected to be in the specified character set and encoding to Perl string data (Unicode and Perl's internal Unicode encoding, UTF-8). On output, convert Perl string data into the specified character set and encoding.

When the layer is pushed the current value of $PerlIO::encoding::fallback is saved and used as the check argument when calling the Encodings encode and decode.


the open manpage, the Encode manpage, binmode in the perlfunc manpage, the perluniintro manpage

 PerlIO::encoding - encoding layer