Catalyst::Manual::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Catalyst::Manual::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I regenerate the helper scripts?

Outside your apps dir run the script with the same name, and the -scripts switch. -scripts Foo

To overwrite (instead of creating .new files) use the -force switch.

I have added tables to my DB - how to autogenerate the classes?

Just run the script again with the same parameters, it will ignore the existing classes and create missing ones based on your DB layout.

What is the difference between $c->forward and $c->response->redirect?

Forward will modify the flow control and neither reset the context object nor end the request cycle while a redirect will. See the Catalyst::Manual::Intro manpage.

How can I get rid of those timer comments when using TT as my view?

This config line in MyApp::V::TT will disable this for you:

    __PACKAGE__->config->{CONTEXT} = undef;


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 Catalyst::Manual::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions