Curses::UI::Color - Color support module


Curses::UI::Color - Color support module


This is a development version. As I do not expect to change the interface during this time it may happen that the color behaviour (e.g. to what extend color is drawn in a window) may change or even the colors themselves. If you want something stable, use -color_support => 0 , but you won't get those fency colors then :-)


This module provides all functions related to color support in Curses::UI. The color support was implemented without disturbing old applications, they will look as they used to do. Only if you enable color support explicitly and it is available on your terminal the color functions will have an effect.


my $cui = new Curses::UI(-color_support => 1, -clear_on_exit => 0);

my $mainw = $cui->add('screen', 'Window');

$mainw->add('l','Label', -bg => ``white'', -fg => ``blue'', -text => ``Colored Label'');



Curses::UI has 7 predefined colors: black red green yellow blue magenta cyan white

Curses::UI with color support also defines some new options:

     -fg  -bg for general foreground and background color.
    -tfg -tbg for widget title fg and bg color
    -bfg -bbg for widget border fg and bg color
    -sfg -sbg for scrollbar fg and bg color

Every widget has has a runtime setter: set_color_fg ( COLOR ) set_colof_bg ( COLOR ) set_color_tfg ( COLOR ) set_colof_tbg ( COLOR ) set_color_bfg ( COLOR ) set_colof_bbg ( COLOR ) set_color_sfg ( COLOR ) set_colof_sbg ( COLOR )

Mostly every widget has a -fg and -bg option to set the foreground and background color using the above color names. Own colors can be defined using the define_color method. Every widget that supports color by now has also two functions set_color_fg and set_color_bg to set or change the color at runtime. Widgets with borders and scrollbars can use -bfg and -bbg to set the foreground and background color of the border or the -sfg and -sbg option to set the colors of the scrollbar. Widgets with titles can set the -tfg and -tbg option to define the title foreground and background color.

Check also the examples/color_editor for seeing what is possible at the moment.


the Curses::UI manpage


Copyright (c) 2003 Marcus Thiesen. All rights reserved.

Maintained by Marcus Thiesen (

This package is free software and is provided ``as is'' without express or implied warranty. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as perl itself.

 Curses::UI::Color - Color support module