DBIx::Class::Manual - Index of the Manual


DBIx::Class::Manual - Index of the Manual


This is the the DBIx::Class manpage users manual. DBIx::Class is a SQL->OOP mapper. This means that it can represent your SQL tables as perl classes, and give you convenient accessors and methods for retrieving and updating information from your SQL database.


the DBIx::Class::Manual::FAQ manpage

Short answers and doc pointers to questions.

the DBIx::Class::Manual::Intro manpage

Beginner guide to using DBIx::Class.

the DBIx::Class::Manual::Example manpage

An example of slightly more complex usage.

the DBIx::Class::Manual::Joining manpage

How to translate known SQL JOINs into DBIx-Class-ish.

the DBIx::Class::Manual::Cookbook manpage

Convenient recipes for DBIC usage.

the DBIx::Class::Manual::DocMap manpage

Lists of modules by task to help you find the correct document.

the DBIx::Class::Manual::Troubleshooting manpage

Got trouble? Let us shoot it for you.

If you're using the CDBI Compat layer, we suggest reading the the Class::DBI manpage documentation. It should behave the same way.

the DBIx::Class::Manual::Component manpage

Existing components, and documentation and example on how to develop new ones.

 DBIx::Class::Manual - Index of the Manual