DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser::generic - Useful routines


DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser::generic - Useful routines




Standard constructor. Returns a blessed hash; any arguments are placed in the hash. This is useful for storing information between methods.


This is a method provided solely for the benefit of Parser implementations. It semi-neatly abstracts a lot of the work involved.

Basically, it takes parameters matching the assorted callbacks from the parser declarations and makes a coderef out of it all.

Currently recognized callbacks are:

Methods for subclassing

These are methods you should define when writing your own subclass.

Note: these methods do not exist in this class. There is no point trying to call $self->SUPER::do_match( ... ).


do_match is the first phase. Arguments are the date and @args. self, label, args. Return value must be defined if you match successfully.


post_match is called after the appropriate callback out of on_match/on_fail is done. It's passed the date, the return value from do_match and the parsing hash.

Its return value is used as the post argument to the postprocess callback, and as the second argument to make.


make takes the original input, the return value from post_match and the parsing hash and should return a DateTime object or undefined.


For use of Parser, this module also delegates valid_params and params. This is just convenience to save typing the following:

    DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser->valid_params( blah )

Instead we get to type:

    $self->valid_params( blah );
    __PACKAGE__->valid_params( blah );


Rather than attempt to explain how it all works, I think it's best if you take a look at and as examples and work from there.


See the DateTime::Format::Builder manpage.


Support for this module is provided via the email list. See for more details.

Alternatively, log them via the CPAN RT system via the web or email:

This makes it much easier for me to track things and thus means your problem is less likely to be neglected.


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the perl manpage, DateTime, the DateTime::Format::Builder manpage, the DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser manpage.

 DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser::generic - Useful routines