Net::LDAP::Extra -- Load extra Net::LDAP methods


Net::LDAP::Extra -- Load extra Net::LDAP methods


  use Net::LDAP::Extra qw(my_extn);
  $ldap = Net::LDAP->new( ... );
  $ldap->my_extn( ... );


Net::LDAP::Extra allows extra methods to be added to Net::LDAP. Normally such methods would be added by sub-classing Net::LDAP, but this proves to get messy as different people write different additions and others want to use multiple of these sub-classes. Users end up having to create sub-classes of their own which inherit from all the extension sub-classes just so they can get all the features.

Net::LDAP::Extra allows methods to be added directly to all Net::LDAP objects. This can be done by creating a class Net::LDAP::Extra::name which exports functions. A use Net::LDAP::Extra qw(name) will then make these functions avaliable as a methods on all Net::LDAP objects.

Care should be taken when choosing names for the functions to export to ensure that they do not clash with others.

 Net::LDAP::Extra -- Load extra Net::LDAP methods