PAR::Filter::Bytecode - Bytecode filter


PAR::Filter::Bytecode - Bytecode filter


    PAR::Filter::Bytecode->apply(\$code); # transforms $code


This filter is deprecated. The B::Bytecode code has been removed from the newest development series of perl and will not be included in perl 5.10 any more. Please have a look at Steve Hay's the PAR::Filter::Crypto manpage module if you want to hide your sources.

This filter uses the B::Bytecode manpage to turn the script into comment-free, architecture-specific Perl bytecode, and uses the ByteLoader manpage to load back on execution.

For pp users, please add an extra -M option, like this:

    pp -f Bytecode -M ByteLoader

Otherwise, the implicit dependency on ByteLoader will not be detected.


This backend exhibits all bugs listed in the B::Bytecode manpage, and then some.

Bytecode support is considered to be extremely fragile on Perl versions earlier than 5.8.1, and is still far from robust (as of this writing).

Bytecode is not supported by perl 5.9 and later.


the PAR::Filter manpage, the B::Bytecode manpage, the ByteLoader manpage

the Filter::Crypto manpage, the PAR::Filter::Crypto manpage


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Copyright 2003-2008 by Audrey Tang <>.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


 PAR::Filter::Bytecode - Bytecode filter