PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Utils - Utility functions to save fingers


PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Utils - Utility functions to save fingers


Lots of useful functions to save my fingers, especially for trivial tables


The following functions are exported

($val, $pos) = TTF_Init_Fields ($str, $pos)

Given a field description from the DATA section, creates an absolute entry in the fields associative array for the class

Font to work with. This is required.

A cmap table (not the 'val' sub-element of a cmap) to add the glyph too. Optional.

Optional diameter for the main circle. Defaults to 80% em

Side bearing. The left and right side-bearings are always the same. This value defaults to 10% em.

There are various options to control all sorts of interesting aspects of the circle

Number of dots in the circle

Number of curve points to use to create each dot

Unicode reference to store this glyph under in the cmap. Defaults to 0x25CC

Postscript name to give the glyph. Defaults to uni25CC.

Radius of each dot.


No known bugs


Martin Hosken Martin_Hosken@sil.org. See the PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Font manpage for copyright and licensing.

 PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Utils - Utility functions to save fingers