PDF::API2::HOWTO - A basic set of guidelines to use PDF::API2.


PDF::API2::HOWTO - A basic set of guidelines to use PDF::API2.


Coordinates and Units







A Hello World.

    $pdf = PDF::API2->new;
    $fnt = $pdf->corefont('Helvetica-Bold');
    $page = $pdf->page;
    $gfx = $page->gfx;
    $gfx->textlabel(200,700,$fnt,20,'Hello World !');



=head2 Adobe Reader & Acrobat (Windows)

The Acrobat/Adobe Reader will open and print files created with PDF::API2, but sometimes Acrobat (Full Product) will be unable to edit/update them.

Adobe Reader (Linux)

Since the MS Core Fonts may not be available via X11, those corefonts may either look/print odd or may be entirely missing (dependent on installation).

=head2 Macromedia Freehand (Windows)

Any version of Freehand is unable to open files either created or updated by PDF::API2. Redestilled files do work, but embedded fonts are missing, which is probably bug in Freehand's pdf engine.

=head2 Ghostscript

Versions before 7.03 had problems reading PDF::API2 created pdfs.

PDF::API2 versions prior to 0.30_7x embedded Type1 Fonts not digestible by gs.

Redmon / FreePDF (Windows)

Since these are based on ghostscript, they can be used to redistill pdfs from and to PDF::API2.

=head2 Xpdf

Xpdf and tools need to be compiled with both freetype2 and libT1.

pdftops produces problematic ps-files if the pdf-file created via PDF::API2 contains embedded CFF (aka. Opentype) fonts.

=head2 pdftk

pdftk is a nice tool to pre/post-process pdf-files.

Version 0.91 does not support big-endian unicode metadata as PDF::API2 does use as default.

=head2 Jaws PDF

Some versions of this software (5D PDF Creator) create pdfs not consumable by PDF::API2 (if you just need a pdf-printer driver use FreePDF).

=head2 Omnipage

PDF::API2 versions prior to 0.40_17 had a bug that screws up omnipages unfortunate image name-keys and lzw-encoded page descriptions.

=head2 Open Office

PDF::API2 versions prior to 0.40_xx had a bug that screws up colorspaces of indexed images during import/save.


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 PDF::API2::HOWTO - A basic set of guidelines to use PDF::API2.