Long if-elsif chains are hard to digest, especially if they are longer than a single page or screen. If testing for equality, use a hash lookup instead. See the Switch manpage for another approach.

  if ($condition1) {         #ok
      $foo = 1;
  elsif ($condition2) {      #ok
      $foo = 2;
  elsif ($condition3) {      #ok
      $foo = 3;
  elsif ($condition4) {      #too many!
      $foo = 4;
  else {                     #ok
      $foo = $default;


This policy can be configured with a maximum number of elsif alternatives to allow. The default is 2. This can be specified via a max_elsif item in the .perlcriticrc file:

 max_elsif = 3


Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer <thaljef@cpan.org>


Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer. All rights reserved.

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