Perl's vocabulary of punctuation variables such as $!, $., and $^ are perhaps the leading cause of its reputation as inscrutable line noise. The simple alternative is to use the the English manpage module to give them clear names.

  $| = undef;                      #not ok
  use English qw(-no_match_vars);
  local $OUTPUT_AUTOFLUSH = undef;        #ok


The scratch variables $_ and @_ are very common and are pretty well understood, so they are exempt from this policy. The same goes for the less-frequently-used default filehandle _ used by stat(). All the regexp capture variables ($1, $2, ...) are exempt too.

You can add more exceptions to your configuration. In your perlcriticrc file, add a block like this:

  allow = $@ $!

The allow property should be a whitespace-delimited list of punctuation variables.


Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer <thaljef@cpan.org>


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