Pod::Hyperlink::BounceURL - Allow off-page links in POD to point to a URL


Pod::Hyperlink::BounceURL - Allow off-page links in POD to point to a URL


        use Pod::Hyperlink::BounceURL;
        my $linkparser = new Pod::Hyperlink::BounceURL;
        $linkparser->configure( URL => '/cgi-perl/support/bounce.pl?page=%s' );
        my $pod2xhtml = new Pod::Xhtml( LinkParser => $linkparser );


Some links in your pod may not be resolveable by Pod::Hyperlink, e.g. L<Some::Module> - this module allows you to detect such links and generate a hyperlink instead of some static text. The target URL will probably be some kind of dynamic webpage or CGI application which can then serve up the relevant page or send a redirect to the page, hence the ``bounce'' in this module's name.

This module overrides the type() method and, for relevant links, will return a string which is ``bounceurl:'' followed by the URL, instead of returning ``page'' or ``item''. Your pod-conversion module can then switch on this case and emit the correct kind of markup. the Pod::Xhtml manpage supports the use of this module.


configure( %OPTIONS )
Set persistent configuration for this object. See OPTIONS.

Behaves as the Pod::Hyperlink manpage's type() method except for the unresolveable links, where the string returned is as described in DESCRIPTION.


The URL to handle the link, which may be absolute or relative, of any protocol - it's just treated as a string and is passed through sprintf(), with two string arguments that are both already URL-escaped.

The first argument is the page name, and will always exist. The second argument is the ``node'' within the page, and may be empty.

Insert '%s' where you wish the arguments to be interpolated. The string goes through sprintf() so you should have '%%' where you want an actual percent sign. If you need the arguments in a different order, see the perl-specific features of sprintf in the perlfunc manpage.


$Revision: 1.7 $


P Kent <cpan _at_ bbc _dot_ co _dot_ uk>


(c) BBC 2007. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the GNU GPL.

See the file COPYING in this distribution, or http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt

 Pod::Hyperlink::BounceURL - Allow off-page links in POD to point to a URL