iCal::Parser::HTML - Generate HTML calendars from iCalendars


iCal::Parser::HTML - Generate HTML calendars from iCalendars


  use iCal::Parser::HTML;
  my $parser=iCal::Parser::HTML->new;
  print $parser->parse(type=>$type,start=>$date,files=>[@icals]);


This module uses the iCal::Parser::SAX manpage and the XML::LibXSLT manpage with included stylesheets to generates html calendars from icalendars.

The html document generated includes (when appropriate) a sidebar containing a legend, a list of todos and a three month calendar for the previous, current and next months.

The stylesheets are stored in the HTML/stylesheet directory under the installed package directory.

Also included in this package are an optionally installed command line program scripts/ical2html and, in the example directory, a cgi handler (examples/ical.cgi) and a stylesheet (examples/calendar.css) for formatting the html output. Note that the html output will look quite broken without the stylesheet.


The following arguments are processed by this module. Any addtional arguments are passed to the iCal::Parser::SAX manpage.

The type of calendar to generate. One of: day, week, month or year. The daily, weekly and monthly calendars include the sidebar. The calendar generated will be for the specified period (day, week, etc.) which includes the specified date.

The date to generated the calendar for. The date only needs to be specified to the precision necessary for the type of calendar. That is, YYYY for a yearly calendar, YYYYMM for a monthly, and YYYYMMDD for daily and weekly. In addition, the date can be in one of the following forms:
A DateTime object initialized to the necessary precision
An array reference to the list of icalendars to include in the results.

If this params is specified, then the html output will contain links back to this url for getting other calendar periods. The params type and date will be appended to this url when generating the links.



Rick Frankel, cpan@rickster.com


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.


the iCal::Parser::SAX manpage, the XML::LibXML::SAX::Builder manpage, the XML::LibXSLT manpage, DateTime

 iCal::Parser::HTML - Generate HTML calendars from iCalendars