Tk::Pod::Text - Pod browser widget


Tk::Pod::Text - Pod browser widget


    use Tk::Pod::Text;
    $pod = $parent->Scrolled("PodText",
                             -file       => $file,
                             -scrollbars => "osoe",
    $file = $pod->cget('-path');   # ?? the name path is confusing :-(


Tk::Pod::Text is a readonly text widget that can display Pod documentation.


The named (pod) file to be displayed.

Return the expanded path of the currently displayed Pod. Useable only with the cget method.

A callback to be called if parsing and displaying of the Pod is done.

Set the wrap mode. Default is word.

The position of the scrollbars, see also the Tk::Scrolled manpage. By default, the vertical scrollbar is on the right on Windows systems and on the left on X11 systems.

Other options are propagated to the embedded the Tk::More manpage widget.


Turn debugging mode on if set to a true value.

Use the specified program for printing the current pod. If the string contains a %s, then filename substitution is used, otherwise the filename of the Pod document is appended to the value of TKPODPRINT. Here is a silly example to send the Pod to a web browser:
    env TKPODPRINT="pod2html %s > %s.html; galeon %s.html" tkpod ...

Use the specified program for editing the current pod. If TKPODEDITOR is not specified then the first defined value of XEDITOR, VISUAL, or EDITOR is used on Unix. As a last fallback, ptked or vi are used, depending on platform and existance of a terminal.


Tk::More Tk::Pod Tk::Pod::SimpleBridge Tk::Pod::Styles Tk::Pod::Search Tk::Pod::Search_db perlpod tkpod perlindex


See TODO files of Tk-Pod distribution


For PodText see the Tk::Pod::Text manpage.

A fixed width font.

Text in slant italics.

A <=for> paragraph is hidden between here

and there.

A file: /usr/local/bin/perl. A variable $a without markup.

boofar is in S<>.

German umlauts:

auml: ä ,
Auml: Ä ,
ouml: ö ,
Ouml: Ö ,
Uuml: ü ,
Uuml: Ü ,
sz: ß .

Pod with umlaut: the ExtUtils::MakeMaker manpage.

Details: the perlpod manpage or perl, perlfunc.

External links: (URL), perl(1) (man page).

Here some code in a as is paragraph

    use Tk;
    my $mw = MainWindow->new;

Fonts: fixed, bold, italics, normal, or file /path/to/a/file

Mixed Fonts: bold-fixed, bold-italics

Non-breakable text: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy fox.

Modern Pod constructs (multiple <>): italic >, fixed with embedded < and >.

Other Pod docu: Tk::Font, Tk::BrowseEntry


Nick Ing-Simmons <>

Current maintainer is Slaven Rezic <>.

Copyright (c) 1998 Nick Ing-Simmons. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

 Tk::Pod::Text - Pod browser widget